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It takes a Village...

Camp BYOC recognizes the importance and values all support that we receive from donors and sponsors.  Please click the links below to assist you with making your decisions:

General Donations

Your donations can benefit Camp BYOC in variety of ways:

  • Offset camp operational expenses (supplies, marketing, facilities, let Camp BYOC decide)
  • Offset student expenses (computer hardware, software, student related supplies, Silicon Valley trip)
Typical student expenses for computer & related supplies is ~ $500/per student

If making a donation of $1,000 or less, please click the button below.  For donations of more than $1,000 please go to the Sponsor/Partnership section below


Sponsors, Advocates, and Partners demonstrate extraodinary commitment to Camp BYOC's success.  This is shown through financial as well as volunteer contributions.  Our "Circle of Giving" recognition page is a small way for us to publicly acknowledge our key contributors and to say thanks. 

Contribution Levels

$7,500+     Partner  

$5,000       Advocate 

$2,500       Sponsor  

If you are interesting in becoming a sponsor, please click the button below to provide your contact details.  Our Circle of Giving program leader will contact you to explain more about the program.

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Support Us

CAMP BYOC needs your support.  Our community program to ignite a passion and inspire youth to pursue careers in technology is at risk. 

Over the past 3 years, CAMP BYOC has worked with X students to understand computer hardware and to build their own computers.  The knowledge, skills, and experience made a huge impact in their lives.   Our students come from a variety of backgrounds.  Students and their families usually cannot afford to pay hardware and software expenses. 

CAMP BYOC relies on sponsors and donors like you to help offset student expenses. Our goal is to groom future innovators and to provide real life skills to students who might not otherwise get the opportunity.  Your donations no matter how big or small will help us keep the program alive. 

It takes a village to nourish and help every child succeed.  CAMP BYOC hopes that you will become part of our village.   Your investments will help us continue the journey as we ignite a passion for technology, one child at a time.
Thanks for caring enough to read this request.
More information on the camp can be found at the URL below.