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Camp BYOC History

Camp BYOC was founded by Robin Walker, President/CEO of CDM Technologies, Inc, a computers sales and services business that focuses on delivering a full range of support and product offering that cater to sole proprietors and small business enterprises.

The first camp was held in August 2014 and had 9 students, ages ranging from 11-14.   Students built their own computer while learning the science of how hardware and software interact and integrate to produce one of society's most important tools.

CDM is thankful to Father  Terri Babb who championed the program and helped establish a sponsor and partnership with St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.  Father Babb invested his personal time and worked with the Episcopal Diocese to fund a significant portion of the program.  What we accomplished that first year was well beyond our goals and objectives.

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Past Camps & Activities

Including the first year, 2014, Camp BYOC has invested and trained a total X students to build and maintain their own computers.  The program was redesigned in 2015 breaking the camp into different groups by age based on interest, maturity, and skill levels.  Our short term goal is to support up to 60+ students; longer term we would like expand the beyond Cincinnati and Indianapolos to other major cities/communities.

  • 2014: 9 Students, Ages 11-14, 1 week
  • 2015: 13 Students, Ages 10-11, 1 week (Pre-Engineering Camp); 6 Students, Ages 12-14, 2 weeks (Associate Engineering Camp); Associate Engineer's trip Silicon Valley
  • 2016: ?, Ages 10-16, every other Saturday, Club BYOC


"I never dreamed that I would ever build my own computer, but I did"                                                                                                                     A. Rodriguez - Cincinnati

"It was the excitement, creativity, curiosity and accomplishment of each youth
that made the program transformative and equipped them with a life skill"                                                                                                                       Father T. Babb - Cincinnati